Attachment Balancing System Platinum Series attachment balancing system is designed as a hydraulic lift with 6 Front Loader. The most prominent feature would prevent the suspended load on the front loader and front loaders of the deformation of the mechanical structure Joint Strong Points Bearing used in all joint points are imported from the world-renowned Italian company CSB in very heavy burden due to wear my long-lasting bronze-coated surface shows. Anti-Shock Tubes Front loader's operation and performance feature that determines Monoblock Control Center, Anti-Shock Tubes WALVOIL the Italian brand and moving attachment hydraulic valve are imported as ARON Italian brand. Powerful Hydraulic Couplings All hydraulic start on the front loader Italian FAST taken straight hydraulic fittings imported from the company Caplan days quick and easy to assemble-disassemble using sealing property is provided.


Maximum lifting height (A) 2200mm 3200mm 3730mm 4280mm
Maximum lifting height (floor with Attachments) 2100mm 3050mm 3560mm 4110mm
Unloading height (B) 1800mm 2700mm 2850mm 3420mm
Maximum height to transport angle (A) 45 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees
Maximum height dşscharge angle (B) 55 degrees 55 degrees 55 degrees 55 degrees
Addition angle minimum height 45 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees
Breakout Capacity from attachment floor 750kg 1300kg 1900kg 1900kg
Capacity at Maximum Height 775kg 1200kg 1800kg 1800kg
Attachment Balancing System Mechanical  


Anti-Shock System Optional     Standart
Joystick Control System Standart Standart Standart Standart
Moving the Attachment Hydraulic Valve Optional Standart Standart Standart
Quick Attachment Removal-Intallation Adapter Optional Standart Standart Standart
Front Loader Weight 200kg 396kg 610kg 770kg
Required Tractor Horsepower 25-45hp 45-65hp 65-130hp 130-170hp